C. Dickie Design




I love this (un)flattering photo of me because it's genuine. This is me. I laugh (a lot), I like people (a lot), & I bring a positive attitude wherever I go.

After spending nearly five wonderful years working for the ACLU, I took a big risk and quit my job unsure of what would be next. Now that new journey begins. As a visual designer, I'm looking to be a part of a team, to grow and to learn from those more experienced than myself, and to challenge myself in a new environment.

As I take this next step, I've thought a lot about why I became a designer. Back in 7th grade I took an aptitude test and got mixed results: policeman, personal assistant, and/or graphic designer. I had no real grasp about what graphic design was, and that peaked my curiosity. I was drawn to it, because I wanted to find out more, and thank goodness for that.  I find myself looking back at those three results and asking myself; what do they have in common? They all focus on serving and working with people. That's what design is all about to me – the people. I love that I get to bring my skill set to other people and we can work together to solve problems. I love to bring other people's visions to life, and adding a little of my own style, experience, and voice to a project.

Do good work for good people.
— Aaron Draplin

A fundamental part of my design is the belief that people do their best work when they collaborate. Whether you're looking for someone to brainstorm and or, start a project with, a small business owner who needs help telling their story, or you're looking to add a visual designer to your team... I want to be involved! 

Interested? Let's go grab a coffee, make a plan, and then get to work. Reach out via social media below or send me an email at curtisjdickie@gmail.com.